Be an Encyclopedia of Earth Author

Be an Encyclopedia of Earth Author or Topic Editor

Welcome to all participants in the 2009 International Conference on Integration of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in the Context of Climate Change, the Energy Crisis and Food Insecurity.

We invite you to apply to become an Author or Topic Editor for the Encyclopedia of Earth.

The qualifications are simple.

  • First, you are a recognized expert in a subject area of the Encyclopedia. This means you are a scholar, educator, professional, or other expert from the natural, physical, and social sciences, the arts and humanities, the professional disciplines, the public or private sectors, or the nongovernmental organizations whose work focuses on some aspect of the environment.
  • Second, you are willing to work in a dynamic, collaborative authoring and editorial environment.
  • Third, you embrace the Encyclopedia's commitment to fairness, objectivity, and quality.

There are several roles you can play.

  • Authors provide content by writing articles—or expanding existing articles—in their areas of expertise.
  • Topic Editors oversee specific subject areas in the Encyclopedia, often as part of large group of editors on a subject. They approve, recommend for revision, or decline articles for publication, and help set overall content and governance policies.
  • Topic Editors are also encouraged to write articles in their areas of expertise. Workloads are commensurate with an individual's time constraints.

Also, there are roles for other experts in many areas. We need volunteers with skills in copy-editing, design work, or image gathering.

Why allocate your scarce time to this initiative?

There are many potential rewards:

  1. Your work will reach a wider and more diverse audience than with traditional print publications.
  2. Your work remains up-to-date.
  3. Your work will enhance your scholarly and professional development.
  4. You will be part of a publishing model that is rapidly changing the world of scholarly publication.
  5. Your professional networks will be enhanced.

If you are interested in becoming either an Author or a Topic Editor,
please visit and complete our Online Application Form.



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