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Primary energy is the energy embodied in natural resources prior to undergoing any human-made conversions or transformations. Examples of primary energy resources include coal, crude oil, sunlight, wind, running rivers, vegetation, and uranium.

  • Climate Change: Pandora's Box? Featured News Article Climate Change: Pandora's Box? Climate Change: Pandora's Box?

    On the Nature Blog, 'The Great Beyond', on January 27, 2009, Daniel Cressey wrote No way back from climate change Much like the sins in Pandora’s Box, once carbon dioxide is... More »

  • Digitally Mapping Africa's Soils Featured Article Digitally Mapping Africa's Soils Digitally Mapping Africa's Soils

    The 13 January 2009 issue of SciDev.Net carries an article by Berber Rouwé, "Africa's soils to be digitally mapped." A digital map of the state of Africa's soils is to be put... More »

  • Pensando en el SIG : Thinking About GIS Featured Article Pensando en el SIG : Thinking About GIS Pensando en el SIG : Thinking About GIS

    Thinking About GIS by Dr. Roger Tomlinson is now available in Spanish {En Español}   Desarrollado a partir de décadas de experiencia en consultoría global y sus populares... More »

  • Arab Environment: Future Challenges Featured Article Arab Environment: Future Challenges Arab Environment: Future Challenges

    The Arab Forum for Environment and Development has produced a report, "Arab Environment: Future Challenges". The report assesses the current and future state of a range of... More »

  • Fire a Part of Global Climate Change Featured News Article Fire a Part of Global Climate Change Fire a Part of Global Climate Change

    Fire Is an Important and Under-Appreciated Part of Global Climate Change Study identifies signficiant contributions of fire to climate change and identifies feedbacks between... More »

  • Population Growth Rate Featured Article Population Growth Rate Population Growth Rate

    Population Growth Rate Mark McGinley From the Encyclopedia of Earth "The population growth rate measures how populations change in size over time. The units of population growth... More »

  • Ecological Impacts of Climate Change Featured Article Ecological Impacts of Climate Change Ecological Impacts of Climate Change

    Ecological Impacts of Climate Change This 28-page booklet is based on Ecological Impacts of Climate Change (2009), a report by an independent panel of experts convened by the... More »

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Energy for All? Last Updated on 2010-04-16 00:00:00 Energy for All On SciDev.Net on 14 April 2010, Kandeh Yumkella and Morgan Bazilian offer an Opinion article, titled "Energy for all — a joined-up approach".  They believe " . . . energy access is the missing Millennium Development Goal that will end the ppoverty trap." After inspecting the Opinion article, let us know your views on the prospects for more equitable and balanced access to energy resources, worldwide.  Comment below. Image:  About 2.5 billion people rely on traditional biomass such as wood for fuel. Source: flickr/United Nations.  Universal access to energy services is technically possible, but new approaches are needed, say Kandeh Yumkella and Morgan Bazilian. About 1.5 billion people in the developing world do not have access to electricity and about 2.5 billion people rely on traditional biomass, such as wood,... More »
Satellite-based Technology Last Updated on 2009-11-13 00:00:00 SciDev.Net has published a Spotlight on how satellite remote sensing can provide crucial data to prepare for, mitigate, respond to and relieve the impacts of natural disasters. The Spotlight explores how developing countries can access and make use of these data. Also, it considers what policymakers must do to prepare. The Spotlight provides a series of articles and commentaries written by international experts that: explain how satellite data can be used to monitor and manage different natural disasters; reflect on lessons learnt from successful applications in the developing world; ask how developing countries can harness this technology for themselves; and provide advice to policymakers on the ground.     More »
Regenerative Agriculture: The Transition Last Updated on 2009-10-20 00:00:00 Regenerative Agriculture: The Transition. Writing on Scitizen, Professor Chris Rhodes notes that: In the face of peak oil and in order to curb carbon emissions, methods of farming that depend less on oil and natural gas, respectively to run machinery and to make synthetic fertilizers, must be sought. Such options are to be found within the framework of regenerative agriculture, but the transition from current industrialised agriculture to these alternative strategies will prove testing. Read His Compelling Article . . . Give your opinions in the Comments Section.   More »
Update: Arno Deuker's Sustainable Journey to Agadir Last Updated on 2009-10-01 00:00:00 Sustainable Journey to Agadir 1 October 2009 Arno reports:  A lot of background organization for the tour has occurred.  Here is some up-to-date information: The project is officially recognized as partner in the EU Commissions Susternergy (http://www.sustenergy.org/) program.   The official start of the journey will be at the Hessen Renewable Energy Fair (http://www.energietage.com/) at Wetzlar October, 31 at 15:00.   Another presentation at the Hohenheim University (Stuttgart) Nov. 2nd 18:00 is scheduled.   In the journey planning (http://www.green-ideas.eu/way/Reiseroute.html) you can find other events.   General information is at: http://www.green-ideas.eu/en-Agadir.html Thank you for your support Arno Deuker 15 August 2009 Arno Deuker, a participant in the upcoming Agadir Conference, is traveling—by diesel motorbike—to the conference using... More »